Tony Herron
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Felicia Palmer
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With 60 years of combined experience in the HR and employee benefits industry—nearly 10 of them working together—Tony Herron and Felicia Palmer felt they had the work experience, industry knowledge, relationships and vision to start a consulting firm that would bring something special to the market. They envisioned a firm that would secure excellent results for clients at a competitive fee, while respecting the effort service providers invest in selling their services and the challenges they face in delivering them.

The result is herronpalmer. A company whose goal is to provide everything you’d expect in a classic sourcing advisory firm, and more.

herronpalmer has the data, templates and processes required to deliver effective and efficient consulting work, but with a personality and culture that "walks the talk" and delivers more than you expect every day.

Shared commitment, unique skills

When Tony and Felicia joined their energy and expertise to establish herronpalmer, they powered the firm with their shared and individual strengths.

"Through our work together," says Felicia, "we discovered a mutual interest in making a difference in this industry. We share a commitment to influence the market to improve results—not just for our clients, but for the entire employee benefits marketplace."

Market intelligence. Agile sourcing.

Their partnership is an example of 1+1=3. Both have experience across the spectrum of employee benefit plans. However, where one has general knowledge of a subject, the other has deep expertise.

"Felicia and I each bring unique perspective and experience to our work," says Tony. "We complement each other in many ways—with different career histories, communication styles and thought processes."

Put together, these strengths lead clients to successful outcomes in the complex and ever-changing HR and benefits administration industry.