Exchange Marketplace Consulting

You want objective advice.

Looking for a third party to help evaluate the private exchange market? You’re in good company. Given the complexity of the decision, more and more employers are turning to herronpalmer for insights on exchange options — and for strategic perspective on whether and how to adopt them.

Exchange solutions span the entire employer population — from privately managed marketplaces for active employees, to retiree arrangements that leverage the Medicare infrastructure, to solutions that utilize portions of the public healthcare exchange market. Determining the best solution, and service provider, for each segment of your population can be a daunting task.

What’s more, many of the prominent retiree and active exchange providers in today’s market are the same firms that are attempting to advise clients on the best exchange, creating a conflict of interest when it comes to objectively selecting a solution.

All this underscores the importance of an educated, objective advisor to assist in your search for the exchange that best fits your population and budget.

That’s where herronpalmer comes in. Our Exchange Consulting services include:

Making the right decision for your company will likely require a deep look at both plan financials and the administration model.
  • A Strategic Assessment to determine if private exchanges are a fit for your organization
  • Education for your management team
  • Business case development
  • RFP / RFQ process facilitation
    • Collection of the data required to obtain exchange cost estimates
    • Securing proposals for administrative solutions, fees and projected cost savings
  • Facilitating your final decision and communicating the outcome as needed